SAI Costa Rica Conducts Transparency Survey

In February, a specialized technical team from the SAI of Costa Rica conducted a national telephone survey to study the opinions of citizens and public procurement bidders on transparency in the country. Specifically, questions were asked about the following topics:

  • Access to information: perception of access to information from municipalities, institutions, government and others.
  • Accountability: perception of accountability from officials, institutions, economy, finance and development plans.
  • Citizen participation: participation in local groups, public hearings, formulation of complaints, claims, etc.
  • Administrative Contracting: perception of transparency in the stages of government contracting and electronic purchasing systems.

This effort from the office of the comptroller is based on the Institutional Strategic Plan 2013-2020. The results are valuable inputs for higher control of public finances while contributing to the promotion of social control and political control of the Legislature.

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