Alumni of the International Auditor Fellowship Program Reunite at INCOSAI

By Mark Keenan and Brenda Fernandez, U.S. GAO

The United States Government Accountability Office held a reunion for International Auditor Fellowship Program alumni who attended INCOSAI meetings in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 4-month intensive, multifaceted learning program, strengthens the ability of SAIs to fulfill their missions and enhance accountability and governance worldwide. Thirteen alumni from the SAIs of Brazil, Kenya, Malaysia, Rwanda, Samoa, Uganda, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, including the Auditors General of Kenya and Samoa, attended. 

In his remarks, the Comptroller General of the United States, Mr. Gene L. Dodaro, welcomed the alumni and discussed the importance of this opportunity to strengthen relationships. He noted that through this collaboration and with the support of the alumni, the work of INTOSAI continues to thrive in SAIs around the world.     

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