SAI Pakistan Reorganizes for More Effective, Harmonized, Streamlined Support

The Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of Pakistan was recently reorganized to provide more effective, harmonized and streamlined audit coverage. The Audit of the Energy sector was divided among several audit sections: Water And Power Development Authority (WAPDA); Commercial; Customs and Petroleum audit.

The WAPDA was further sectioned into two offices: Director General (DG) Audit (Water Resources) and DG Audit (Power Sector).

Additionally, the office of the DG Audit (Customs and Petroleum) was restructured as a new organization. It is now the DG Audit (Petroleum and Natural Resources). This effort was undertaken to synergize and improve audit work in the oil, gas and natural resources sectors.

The jurisdiction of oil and gas entities was also revised and now becomes DG Federal Audit, DG Customs and Petroleum, DG (CA&E) North and South.

Audit work relating to customs has been shifted to DG Audit Inland Revenue, which has been re-designated as the Office of DG Audit Inland Revenue and Customs.
The table below reflects some of the organizational changes.

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