Belarus State Control Bodies Celebrate 100th Anniversary

On August 2, 2019, state control bodies of Belarus celebrated their 100th Anniversary. The Committee of State Control, the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of the Republic of Belarus, monitors the national budget, use of state property, as well as presidential, parliamentary and governmental exaction of acts. A primary Committee task is to ensure the economic security of the country. The SAI exercises state control in all economic and social sectors, counteracts illegal use of state funds and property, identifies and suppresses economic crimes, and takes measures to prevent legalizing proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism. Particular attention is paid to protecting legitimate rights and interests of citizens. SAI Belarus focuses efforts on preventing violations at an early stage, especially in identifying systemic legal violations and economic trends.

Many special guests participated in the celebration, including the President of Belarus and leaders of SAIs worldwide, all of whom congratulated SAI Belarus employees and veterans for such esteemed service to the nation. The country’s leadership also presented state awards to SAI Belarus employees.

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